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Capture Energy Announces Investment from Black Bay

Strategic investment will accelerate deployment of the Capture Compressor™

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – February 16, 2024 Capture Energy, LLC (“Capture” or the “Company”), a provider of unique systems designed to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of oil & gas production facilities, announced a growth capital investment from Black Bay Energy Capital (“Black Bay”), a private equity firm focused on the energy and chemical sectors. This represents another partnership between Black Bay and Dallas Watson, the Founder and CEO of Capture. Black Bay’s growth investment will enable the Company to rapidly increase the production and distribution of the Capture Compressor™, a patent-pending equipment offering designed to eliminate emissions associated with pneumatic control valves and other associated infrastructure.

“The Capture Compressor™ addresses a major pain point in the oil & gas industry today – how to achieve emissions reduction goals from production facilities in a cost efficient and operationally sound manner.  Capture’s goal is to assist operators with their sustainability objectives, reduce capital requirements, and maintain operational flexibility,” said Dallas Watson, CEO of Capture. “With the Capture Compressor™, clients won’t need to procure expensive instrument air compressor systems and backup battery systems; our patent-pending solution creates high volumes of compressed air by utilizing the energy already available on location. Our system requires zero electricity and produces zero emissions.”

“As oil & gas producers increase their focus on meeting decarbonization efforts, technologies like the Capture Compressor™ will be critical to achieving these sustainability targets in a capital-efficient manner.  Environmental regulations, including the recently released OOOOb standards from the EPA, are also demanding abatement solutions that can be scaled very quickly – with this growth capital investment, Capture should be well-positioned to serve the surging needs of its clients,” said Guy Cook, Partner at Black Bay.

Capture’s product offering can be deployed across all producing regions within the United States marketplace.

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